I’ve been having a hard time writing lately, mainly because I’ve been having a hard time getting my thoughts together at all. Truth be told, I’ve been anxious, depressed, and exhausted since before Halloween, for a variety of reasons that aren’t worth going into here.

I will say though that the election results haven’t helped matters. The overwhelming majority of my friends are completely freaking out about what the future will have in store for them and their loved ones. And even if I was completely calm about the situation myself (which I’m not), seeing my friends panicking would be upsetting and frightening for me. I feel completely powerless to help them, no matter what I do or say.

Meanwhile the question that non-Trump-supporters seem to be struggling with is: what comes next? Nobody can seem to agree on the answer. Debates are raging across social media channels about whether protesting in the streets, donating to certain organizations, or even wearing a safety pin is an appropriate response. Doing something publicly is derided as “virtue signalling,” while doing something privately is called cowardice.

All I can think to do myself is be there for my friends and quietly do all the bigger things that I should have been doing much more often in the past several years. (And probably clean my room and do ritual more.) I’m hoping that’s enough, but it probably isn’t.

Don’t know what else to write. Let’s all just do our best and take care of each other, okay?