Yeah, yeah, I’m here to apologize about the ever-growing schedule slip again – not just with the TRON Tuesdays this time, but with my whole blog. I won’t waste your time with an intro. Here are my reasons, maybe not all of them acceptable:

1. Other work

So in addition to getting more/longer shifts at my day job, my freelancing workload has doubled (two articles every two weeks now, not just one). Don’t get me wrong, both are amazing and mean more money, but they also have to take priority over my blog and eat up my time like nobody’s business.

2. Computer woes

My faithful laptop Tronzler (don’t judge me) has taken to freezing up completely at random lately. On top of this the battery hasn’t been charging for some time now and, in spite of being plugged in all the time, has drained down to 0%; so, one wrong move and my power cord comes out and I lose everything I’ve been doing. The increased writing workload has made it nigh-impossible to send Tronzler out for repairs, so basically I’m just not getting as much done overall as I’d like.

3. Job search

Most recently, on top of both of these things, I’ve been looking for a new job as aggressively as possible. While I like my current (part-time) job, I need something full-time with benefits, especially since I go off my parents’ insurance at the end of the year. That seemed pretty far away when I started this part-time job in March, but now… yeah. Time to get serious. By which I mean “full-time with benefits.”

So when are we gonna see the next TRON Tuesday?

Short answer: I don’t know. Long answer: given all of the above, making promises won’t be enough to get my third post on TRON: Uprising finished. But it will get done sometime soon, and as soon as it’s up I’ll get the word out on my other social media channels.

Zanne out.