About the past couple weeks

So I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that I haven’t made any posts here for a week and a half, and even before that I missed a TRON Tuesday post. The bad news is also that I won’t be making a TRON Tuesday post this week. I swear there are reasons for all of this.

I already explained why I didn’t post part 3 of my TRON: Uprising post series a couple weeks ago, but the reason why I didn’t post it last week either is that I was too busy getting ready for a convention that the store I work for went to this past weekend. Then – fun story – I got the stomach flu at the very tail end of the convention and won’t be able to finish the post today either. I’m really sorry about this whole mess but I will do my absolute best to get the TRON Tuesday series back on track in time for next week.

The good news is, over the weekend I got a chance to take a break from the booth and run around the convention. Before leaving I said that I didn’t have any specific video games or merch to look for and would probably be back quickly. Then at the first booth I visited I remembered that in TRON Tuesday #6 I’d be covering the first wave of TRON video games and thought it would be cool if I could get a couple to play through myself, rather than just taking the Internet’s word for it.

Right away I found a copy of TRON Deadly Discs for the Intellivision, which is a system I don’t yet have but the game was only two dollars so what the hell, right? I spent the rest of the time searching high and low for Adventures of TRON for the Atari 2600, which is a system I actually have. (Apparently they made TRON Deadly Discs for the 2600 as well, but I didn’t realize that until I came back home.)

By the time I started the last row of booths I’d basically given up hope on finding Adventures of TRON, especially since most booths didn’t have any games for systems older than the NES. As I entered one booth and began searching a jumbled box filled with five layers of Atari 2600 games I thought, “This is a total mess, there’s no way I’ll find- OH SHIT HERE ARE TWO COPIES OF IT.” So hey, I might have gotten very sick, but at least I found the games I was looking for. Also somewhere in that whole search I impulsively bought a box half-full of unopened TRON trading card packs, which was a fun find.

Probably down the line none of this silly stuff like trading cards or games or even that TRON joystick for the Atari 2600 I got a couple MAGFests ago will be worth much money, but I’ve often heard it said that you should collect the stuff you like, not the stuff that you think might be worth something someday.

TL;DR – Sorry, but there’ll be no TRON Tuesday post this week either. Please do tune in next week and I’ll have something for you. Also, if this post seems half-delirious it’s because I am half-delirious from fever or something.