Announcing “TRON Tuesdays” (or whatever)

Over the past several years I’ve gotten sucked into the TRONiverse like Flynn getting sucked inside a computer. I’ve watched the films, seen the sadly short-lived TV show, played some of the video games (and watched Let’s Plays of the others), and – gods help me – even read the fanfiction. And, like the rest of the fandom, I watched as Disney shut down branches of the franchise one by one, helplessly screaming “NO NO NO NO NO NO” like a Bit trapped in an out-of-control Recognizer.

I’m sure Disney has their reasons. Maybe not good reasons, but reasons. And between the cancellation of TRON 3 last year and Bruce Boxleitner ragequitting the franchise soon after, the series looked finished for good. Then out of nowhere comes a new video game, TRON RUN/r – maybe not a story-based game, but I’ll take what I can get – and a sweet new lightcycle ride at Shanghai Disneyland. And with all the mysterious “MISSION DAY MAY 14” messages hidden throughout the TRON RUN/r levels, I’d hoped that maybe we’d be getting more good news.


But alas, May 14 came and went and no announcement of any kind was made. I’ll still hold out hope that something good will happen, because I’m a TRON fan and we TRON fans never learn. In the meantime, I’m going to write a series of semi-regular posts covering as many entries in the extended TRONiverse as I can get my hands on.

Why? Well, I say: why not? It’s my blog, and I have to write about something. It might as well be something I love, right?

And don’t worry, I’ll post about other stuff too. This will just be a nice little series to work on, and nobody’s gonna hold an identity disc to your neck and force you to read any of it if you don’t want to.

Week 1: TRON (1982)
Week 2: TRON: Legacy (2010)
Week 3: TRON: Uprising (2012-2013) – Part 1
Week 4: TRON: Uprising (2012-2013) – Part 2
Week 5: TRON: Uprising (2012-2013) – Part 3
Week 6: TRON Video Games – Wave 1 (1980s)



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